Here are some of the popular FAQs we are asked:

Q. Can you beat the mail order catalogues on price?
A. With Todds Group you will always speak to a caring member of our team, who will ensure you receive your requirements on time and at the very best price.

Q. Everybody says they will deliver next-day – can you actually do it?
A.Yes we can – and do! Where ever you may be we can deliver your goods next day.  We are never complacent and constantly strive to satisfy our customers needs.

Q. We spend £100,000 a year – can you compete with the Contract Stationers?
A. We are members of one of the biggest Buying Groups in the UK and have access to global products and pricing.  Also our main supplier in this field views our growth as increased revenue for their business and they happily support our efforts to win this type of work.

Q. We spend £1,000 a year – are you interested?
A.Yes we are – you may be the £100,000 spent next year! You get the same personal service no matter what size your organisation is.

Q. We are looking for some office furniture at home, are you be able to help?
A. Of course, we can supply you with a wide range of desking and seating for your home office.  We can arrange a suitable time to visit and advise on the most effective solution for the area available.  You can then select from our range of fantastic value for money portfolio.

Q. We need newly built offices furnishing, are you able to help?
A. We will assist you every step of the way from concept to conclusion.

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